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Rydas 4 Righteousness MM was birthed in September 2003 when God gave his manservant Minister Arthur Perry a vision dealing with his lifelong interest in motorcycle riding. Minister Perry, being a God fearing man, wanted to incorporate his love for riding motorcycles while carrying out his greater love for God by doing what God has commissioned us to do ( Go and make disciples!)



With much prayer & fasting, God revealed to him his plan for this motorcycle ministry. Minister Perry being a member of Wayfaring Ministries, Inc. located in Hamden, Connecticut under the leadership & teachings of the Great Apostle Eugene Brunson & Co-Pastor Diane Brunson, consulted with his overseers where he received advice, guidance, direction, instruction, and permission to go forth.



Rydas 4 Righteousness MM was later released into "Outreach Ministry" under the covering of Apostle Eugene & Co-Pastor Diane Brunson and celebrated their 1st annual bike blessing in June 2004.



 From our mother chapter located in Hamden, Connecticut, R4R has birthed out 3 more chapters Since 2003. We are excited for our  Raleigh - Durham Chapter, Cleveland, Ohio Chapter and Central Florida Chapter. R4R has been a pillar in the MC community and our local communities. Through this ministry, we have prayed for over 1,000 people, visited countless individuals in the hospitals, led more than 1.000 souls to Christ, Partnered with habitat for Humanity in New Haven, CT where we assisted in building a new home for a family; Adopted a highway in Raleigh-Durham, NC; Adopted a family in poverty and provided a full Christmas for them in Cleveland, Ohio; purchased new bikes for under privileged children in NC; Fed the homeless across the states; participated in back school events, giving out schools supplies to local children in need- just to name a few.

We are honored to have the opportunity to be used for the kingdom to reach the lost and show God’s love to his people. True Kingdom building is outside of the 4 walls, and that’s where we do our best work! Remember – being saved isn’t deep, It’s just a decision. 


Rydas 4 Righteousness MM is an outreach ministry dedicated to bringing the word of God, the Love of Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit into the streets. We are committed to doing the work that God has called us to do by going into the hospitals to visit the sick, visit the shelters, feed the hungry, pray for this in need, and assist wherever needed. We also fellowship with other motorcycle clubs to show unity, and God's love. R4R is committed to showing the unbeliever that being "saved" isn’t deep, but simply a decision to follow after the things of the kingdom. Reminding people that you can be saved, and still have fun!



We are actively involved with prayer walks in the community, bike blessings, parades, charity bike rides, outreach in our communities and much more! Along with ministry work, we also ride together as a group, and have lots of fun! We offer motorcycle training to all active members of this ministry, and will assist you with finding a bike that is suitable for you to ride and fits your budget.



R4R is a motorcycle ministry made up of saved men & women of all age groups, and from various ministries in Connecticut, Raleigh-Durham, NC, Cleveland, OH and Central Florida. They are people who always had the desire to learn how to ride, and are looking for an opportunity to ride with fellow Christians while representing CHRIST. We don’t do Church, we do Kingdom!!

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