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 Hello, my name is Minister Arthur Perry Sr. A.K.A Bro. Solomon, Founder & National President of Rydas 4 Righteousness Christian Motorcycle Ministry! I am excited about the work that God has called us to and the vision he has place on the inside of me for this ministry. I have been serving the Lord now for 29 years, and I truly know that the Lord is Good!

God has given his Saints a command to "go and make disciples", and that is exactly what R4R does.  

We are about reppin' Christ, just with a different flavor. R4R is for those who are saved and don't want to compromise their relationship with God and still enjoy life and ride motorcycles while having fun!

There are many that do not believe that you can serve the Lord, be saved and still ride a motorcycle or have fun. To you I say - "And why not??" We have been doing it for 20 years now and the Lord has allowed us to enlarge our territory. We have prayed for well over 1,000 people and have lead over 300 people to Christ. We now have chapters in Connecticut, Charlotte North Carolina, Raleigh - Durham North Carolina, Cleveland,

Ohio and soon we will be birthing our Florida chapter. There is so much work to be done for the Kingdom, that there simply is no time for the body of Christ, and those who profess Christ to be divided. If you are saved and want to ride with other believers and do Kingdom work while having fun, we the R4R family welcome you with open arms.

While the Lord has since raised up other Motorcycle Ministries across the states, R4R MM was the 1st Urban area / Inner city Christian Motorcycle Ministry established on the entire East Coast. We have paved the way for others to mount up with MM's on their backs and ride for the Kingdom. R4R MM will continue to reach the lost, by any means and always pray for those that are without Christ in their lives.

It is time for the soldiers of Christ, those who have enlisted in the army of the Lord, to stand up and be accounted for. To compel the lost, to turn to Christ and live for him. To stop compromising their relationship with God to "fit in" with the world! For ye are in the world, but not of the world! So will you join us in this mission to "Reach the Lost, One Soul at a Time?"


In his presence,

Bro. Solomon

 Bro. Solomon - Founder & National President

Birth date: November 14th

Bike ridden - 2012 Victory Cross Country

Bike Name: God's Favor


Scripture - Genesis 1:26

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